PLEASE HELP! My Boyfriend Leaves Me At Night To Be With Sugar Mummy

I left school to spend a month with my boyfriend because we don’t really have much going on in school at the moment and I don’t want to go home before my parents will start sending me all kinds of domestic messages as if I’m a small girl. But what I’m experience here is really disturbing my heat.

My guy leaves me every night to be with a big woman. I give him any style he wants on bed…
Yet he is bold enough to tell me that the woman is aware that he has a girlfriend, that is me, and he claims she has promised to set up a boutique for him so he can run his own business and take care of me.

I can’t just leave this guy because we have been dating for the last 6 years and all my family and friends are aware that we are planning to get married as soon as am done with my school. But this shit is getting me mad. How can I be sharing my man with one old woman that I don’t even know?

That woman is wicked. If she wants to help my guy she should just help him and stop sleeping with him.

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